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What's Playing is a Winamp 3 plugin that outputs a file containing the details of songs played in the current Winamp session. It allows the user to specify the location of the output file and to call any command every time this file is updated. Parameters can also be passed to this command. An example of the command that can be used would be the FTP executable and the parameters could be the session settings for your remote website. What's more, you can even generate a HTTP POST request with the details of the present playlist to feed the data to some Perl/PHP script on your remote server. What's Playing v1.4 has the ability to output numerous details of the songs, including:

  • Song title
  • Artist name
  • Album name
  • Genre
  • Year
  • Comments
  • Song length

A full list of supported features can be found in features section.

It is similar in function to the Mticker plugin for Winamp 2. It is also similar in functionality to the plugins Do Something, Now Playing, AMIP and CurrentlyHearing. But either these plugins do not work with Winamp 3 (Mticker, Do Something, Now Playing and CurrentlyHearing) or they are overkills for what I wanted it to do (AMIP). So, What's Playing is my answer. All it does is output details of the songs either locally or through a HTTP request. The aim, is to do it well.

What's Playing was a featured component at Winamp.com

A screenshot of What's Playing "Basic Setup" page

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