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  • Q - So, what kind of an output can What's Playing produce?
    A - The local output can be produced in any style using the templaing feature (read the docs) . The HTTP POST based output can also take any style. An example can be found at my personal site.(I use only the Artist name and the song title for my output)

  • Q - I don't like the style of the local output. How can I change it?
    A - As of v1.3, you can change the style. Please refer to the documentation. Templating is not supported in lower versions.

  • Q - Can What's Playing be used with Winamp 2?
    A - No. What's Playing uses APIs specific to Winamp 3 and hence it will not work with Winamp 2. I do not plan to support Winamp 2 since there are good plugin already available to do similar work for Winamp 2.

  • Q - Any chance you will support FooBar200?
    A - I came across FooBar2000 just a couple of days ago and am getting drawn to it more and more. It will most probably become my default MP3 player soon. So, yes, I do plan to support FB2K, though I cannot even estimate a date for the support.

  • Q - Does What's Playing support proxy and htaccess passwords?
    A - Yes, please refer to the documentation page for more details.

  • Q - But, my passwods are all stored as plain text!
    A - That is a know issue with Winamp 3. It might be fixed in later releases, but as of now, we are stuck with that. It is not a What's Playing issue.

  • Q - What the heck! I was using v1.2 and everthing was working fine and now I upgraded to v1.3 and I just can't get What's Playing to send HTTP POST data. What should I do?
    A - Quick answer - read the documentation. But since I am a nice guy, I will answer further. In v1.3 do not include "http://" in the URL for the script or the proxy address. Similarly, do not add the username and password to the URLs. Enter them in the designated seperate place.

  • Q - Can you include a FTP client into What's Playing?
    A - No. An inbuilt FTP client will increae the footprint of the plugin. Furthermore, it will most likely add a lot of unoptimised codes into the plugin, making it slow.

  • Q - Can I help?
    A - Yes you can! You may want to look at the codes and help in optimising them. Or you can suggest cool features, remembering what WP tried to do. You can also write server based scripts in say Perl, PHP or ASP to do cool things with What's Playing's HTTP POST data. You may also want to donate something to me :)

  • Q - I have a question that is not mentioned here. What should I do?
    A - Use the Contact page to ask the question directly to the authors. If you think you have stumbled upon a bug, please use the bugs reporting page.

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