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What's Playing has been downloaded more than 23,000 times! A lot of website use it. Here are a list of websites that I found uses What's Playing. If you use What's Playing and want your site to be listed, just head down to the Contact page and send me the details.

Some of the feedbacks I have received from users are given below. If you have a feedback to make, please use the Contact page.

  • Matthew Mullenweg - This plugin looks like exactly what I.ve been searching for. Right now I use one called DoSomething to ping a URL that inserts the data into a database, presumably so I can do something with all that juicy data later. (Right now it has over 9000 rows.) However my current plugin has a lot of drawbacks, mostly that it won.t read any data from ID3v2 tags and doesn.t work with Winamp 3, neither of which are a problem with this newer plugin. So this is mostly so I can find it later, as while I.d like to install this, figure out the POST variables, update my ping script, and come up with some novel ways to parse all the data I have..
  • Matt Moyer - Thanks for the great product. It was just what I was looking for to use
  • Alex Redford - Cool plug-in, thanx =) I saw something like it on other blogs and figured it'd be neat to have it on my own. After surfing around for a bit, your plug-in seemed to have the best features and one of the few that supported winamp3.
  • Jason - plug-in you made is cool
  • Ryan M - Just wanted to say that I LOVE your "whatsplaying" plugin. I set up a batch file to run WS_FTP Pro and upload my html page every X songs and once I got the batch file down.. it works almost perfectly. THANKS! Keep up the excelent work.
  • Winfred - Thanks for the whatsplaying plugin, it does exactly what I want.
  • Ben - i'm using your what's playing plugin for winamp 3.
  • Mark - Love it, using it on my personal little site. Thanks for spending the time to write this1 Eagerly awaiting an internal FTP client to upload without an external program.
  • Rutger - I downloaded your plug-in for Winamp and I thought of it as quite cool =).
  • Steve Gare - It's cool plug-in, the WinAmp2 equivalents sucked! ;)
  • Rick Humes - Very Confusing on the parameters! Others wise good.
  • Brett Taylor - Don't get me wrong, this tool is the best. Say goodbye to BlogAmp, that's for sure! It works just as it says. Something included was an flag which said whether Winamp was playing or stopped. Awesome, but didn't say stopped if it reached the end of the plug-in. Requests: More information should be sent to recieving scripts, such as song length, album name, quality, filename, and other useful or useless information. .......
  • Andrew Wignall - Very simple to set up and get running with the PHP GET code provided on the web page, and very nice for updating pages. However, it could be improved if there was a way to better customize what was sent to URL, such as each song's length, quality, etc. Other than that, this is a great component, works exactly as it should, works great with ASP/PHP/Perl and a little coding :)
  • FIGHTBAC - Pretty sweet! Looks like someone else besides me like wa3!! woot
  • thenut - Im definitely gonna have to try this out... looks pretty spiffy... good work
  • jaimz - wow this is aweseome i WILL definatly use this!
  • OtherGuy15 - that's an awsome idea... think i'll use this.
  • KaldBlod - This is really cool. I've made a php-script that grabs the line with the info in it, and into another file.

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